YOU are your own best marketer.

It's taken me almost 10 years, a master's degree, countless crappy freelancers and sleepless nights to learn this—I want to give you the tools you need to learn that you are your own best marketer, far sooner.

My Journey from Entrepreneur to Educator 


I'm Sharon.

I left my "good" government job in 2015 with dreams of turning my marketing agency from a side-hustle to a full-time business venture. 

It took some time, but before long, I had a roster of clients who relied on me to plan, manage and promote their online content. 

But, that dream was short lived.

Suddenly, my household income of two was cut down to grad student refund checks, after leaving a relationship that just wasn't working for me anymore. 

I took a contract at a tech company in Silicon Valley, and POOF—let go of all my clients to make the most money I had ever made as a marketing consultant.

Having a steady paycheck was great, but something was missing.

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Content kept me up at night. 

Even though I put my agency on the back burner, women were still reaching out to work with me, only this time, they wanted to learn marketing for themselves. 

The only way I knew how to help was through 1:1 coaching, but I was convinced I could help so many more women if I started blogging about digital marketing on a regular basis. 

So, naturally, I set out to create every piece of content I knew how—blogs, social posts, videos, guest posts, etc. 

I was burnt out before I could even scratch the surface. But then, I made this powerful change...

I stopped relying on my degrees and started using my gifts.


After months of excuses, I finally realized my willingness to experiment and my desire to help others was all I needed to finally get my content together.
With a whiteboard and post-it notes at hand, I set out to get clear on 3 things:


How to quickly and repeatably plan content my audience would love, and create content at least a month in advance.



How to choose the RIGHT platforms, channels and tools, to be everywhere online at once, without overwhelm. 



How to find good help when I needed it, to reliably create and promote my content with little time and little budget.


Now I Get to Share My Gifts with You

Take a look at these awesome trainings and resources to help you get started with digital marketing and personally learn from me!

Save time and money
on content creation

Join Society: Content Planning Membership, a club where we plan social content together.


Get hands-on help with content marketing

Get clarity on your content strategy and understand the actions needed to pivot your marketing plan.


Learn to show up
online more consistently

Access templates, tools and programs to help you show up consistently on social media.


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