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Apply for a Content Planning Intensive where we'll review your social media routine (or lack thereof), brainstorm content ideas and map out a repeatable posting plan for your business.


Learn to Master Your Marketing

Scrambling to create content can only take you so far. If one of your goals is to show up more consistently on social media, but you don't know where to start—it's time to get some professional help. Don't let not planning on purpose be the reason you fail on accident!



Getting your content organized is long overdue.

Book your Content Planning Intensive for $1,250 and kick-start your content production. 

If you can't find a time that works for your schedule, email [email protected] with your availability.

Rachel P.

"I was unsure about how to start my Instagram account for a new business, and she was able to walk step-by-step with me through a strategy that I can use for each and every post."

Kim B.

“Sharon has changed my business for the better FOREVER! She has changed my perspective, helped my social media growth, and taught me how to get my time and life back!" 

Meet Your Coach

Sharon L. Hadden

a.k.a. The Content Lady

I'm Sharona digital marketing expert turned content coach. Over the last decade, I've helped creative entrepreneurs like you establish and grow their social media presence.

My growth strategies have proved time and time again that the way to grow on social media is to 1. share value-based content and 2. actually be social on social media!

Let me help you identify your strengths and overcome your challenges, so you can succeed on Instagram.

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